Tuesday, 10 August 2010

An overview of the build

Basically, I had very little knowledge of Building, or Clay Ovens. So I started out with some very basic requirements:
  1. In addition to the oven I would need somewhere to store wood - so I thought I'd incorporate a bunker into the design. So the main build comprised of two phases:
    Phase 1 - Build the wood bunker

    Phase 2 - Build the Clay Oven on top of the bunker

    Phase 3 - Optional extras such as insulation (a must have really), a chimney. brick arch and rendered weather-proof shell.  Not got round to writing these yet, but will do soon.

  2. That I wanted to cook multiple, decent-sized pizzas - say about 10-12". So I opted for a 27" diameter oven floor rather than the standard 22.5" outlined in the book.
  3. That I didn't want it to fall down so I would (i) plan it out on paper, and (ii) probably over-engineer it, just to be safe
  4. I only wanted to spend about £250-300 total


  1. Well done Ian - you really do have a talent. I think that Den will look good on a delivery bike - could be a good earner!!

  2. Thanks Lisa - you never know! However, Den and bikes don't mix - just ask her :-)

  3. i prepared and eat in home using oven....you've reminded me of those pizzas with sweeter-than-sweet sauce! But I do love cold pizza, especially after a big

    night when eaten pretty much straight from the fridge ...Pizza Conveyor Ovens

  4. hi - great blog - nice oven - really useful, am attempting to build to a similar designa dn have to ask about waterproof render? did oyu every render or cover it if so using what? as i read that render wont work as the clay as to breath andf will damage th einsedies. just wondering if you found a solution of did it all go terribly pete tong :-)
    Cheers - dan ( danny@f2uk.com for reply )

  5. I had one in an old house, and they're amazing. Having just bought a renovation project with enough space to build one I've been looking sound the web for inspiration. Your blog's brilliant... really clear so thank you. Can't wait to get started!



  6. hey i found a great site that if you would like a head start if all the building is to much they actually sell the oven dome and you can finish it yourself. or if your really lazy they do the hole thing complete. they have a facebook page http://www.facebook.com/etnaovens